This file is an under construction page brought to you by Web Hosting Hub. You may use it freely whenever your site is undergoing maintenance and you'd like a landing page to use in it's place. In order to activate this page along with your own custom logo, please follow these instructions: 1.) The file name of your logo should be "logo.jpg," all in lowercase letters. Ensure the file extension, "jpg," is in lower case, as well. 2.) Log into your cPanel account. If you need instructions on this step, you can copy the following link into your browser for a step-by-step tutorial: 3.) Under the "Files" Section, click on "File Manager" 4.) You will be prompted with a pop-up menu. Select the public_html directory and click Go. 5.) Click "Upload" at the top of the File Manager. 6.) Browse your computer for the file you want to upload. 7.) Select the file and click the "Open" button. 8.) Close the Upload files page. Refresh your File Manager by clicking the Reload link at the top middle of the File Manager. You should see the file listed in the File Manager now. 9.) If you downloaded this HTML file from the Support Center, follow steps 5 through 8 to upload this file as well. 10.) In the File Manager, select the file named under-construction.html and click the "Code Editor" link on top of the page. 11.) You will be prompted with a dialog box. Click "Edit" to open and edit the under construction page. 12.) Using the line numbers on the left side of the Code Editor, locate line 83. You will see the following line of code: Under Construction
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